All That Counts Is the Result? We Don’t Think So!

Someone once said to me that reading is the laziest hobby that humans could possibly have. Wherever you are, whenever it is, whatever position you have (sitting, standing, lying down) all you need to do is just to open the book and vast knowledge or great fantasy will enter your brain/mind unless you fall asleep. 

My personal ideal of reading. (in the real life I own a kindle)

He said “enter” because you are not really required to take any action from yourself except for the action of reading (moving your eyes, pretending you comprehend what’s written.) So the activity is pretty passive.

I agree. By reading, I feel less guilty (or smarter?) than watching TV which is also a passive activity. However, Horikoshi Trading considers reading a bit more than just a passive learning activity. 

Earlier today, Fusa was sharing the book he was reading with me. He tests me by asking “Do you know what Prospect Theory is?” I said “No, I don’t. What is it?” because I am a modest person. He told me that he didn’t either – he is still on page 10 at this moment. 

*It is not the back of head of Fusa.

Yet, he had a lot to share with me. He said that there was a lot he was able to learn from the first 10 pages on which the book talks about how Daniel Kahneman and his colleague Amos Tversky developed the theory. 

According to Fusa’s summary (because I haven’t read the book yet) Daniel, the author of Thinking, Fast and Slow Paperback (2013), and Amos never stopped discussing. They talked from A to Z about their research, sometimes taking turns to provide themes to the table. Upon hypothesis, they talked through until they had enough guessing, assumption, process of decision making. This style lasted over 10 years! 

The best part is that when Daniel looks back at these ten years, he said he really “enjoyed” it. While they worked on a long tough journey of theory establishment, he and Amos didn’t forget to keep their humorous or the attitude to enjoy the process. 

Plus, he said that thanks to the fact that he actually enjoyed this long process, it toughened his patience more than ever. 

It’s not easy to work/study, especially when it comes to a long-term with something very complicated and no one has discovered yet. Daniel succeeded in making it something he could enjoy and in harvesting a new competence “patience” from it. Of course Amos, his partner, played a big role in this success. 

For Horikoshi Trading, not only the result is important. We care about the process. If possible, we want to enjoy it. We want to have partners with whom we can always discuss and talk through until things are all clearer or become better. Trust will be one of the essences. We look forward to you joining our life-long journey and exploring in the most suitable way! 

By the way, to come back to the beginning, I hope that I explained very well that Horikoshi Trading considers reading not only a passive input of knowledge but also a chance to apply the contents to our actual lives.

OK, white wine time for me(outside temperature 17 celsius)
Sato Tajima – November 26, 2021