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We will come discover your products or contact us!

We travel all over the world to meet hidden gems (products/services that aren’t introduced yet in the Japan market)

We will become your distributor and bring your Brand/Product to the shelves in the Japan market (online/offline)

With our experience and knowledge in/of digital marketing, your brand awareness in Japan should increase; then we can grow your brands together!

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E-mail to: info@horishoji.com

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Horikoshi Tradings

Horikoshi Trading is a brand import wholesale/retailer company. We preserve/represent foreign brands and help Suppliers increase their fans all over Japan both offline/online.

Contact us

Email: info@horishoji.jp

Phone: (+81) 50 6868 2835

Address: Kashimamachi Funado Hayashishita 14-16 Iwaki Fukushima Japan