Meat Meets Meat

Explanation of the title: Meat is myself and the second meat is the meat I eat… or “ate” last weekend.

No, I am not going to just talk or brag about how wonderful the weekend BBQ was. But here are some photos.

All 4 photos above show our favorite meat “undercooked.” So let me add a few more photos to prove that the meat I met (at) was perfectly cooked.

This way, I (meat) have met meat (what you just saw) which led me to the result of “putting more meat.”

Fusa often says that meat (and its fat) or sugar are like gasoline for business owners. I agree. Telling myself “you need to watch your weight, eat some fresh vegetables time to time,” I hear a voice “thank you for feeding yourself with such fun food. It will turn into a great motivation to work hard from next week.”

Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) in the movie “Cast Away(2000)” danced and shouted “I have made fire!”

“I have made fire”

Fire makes meat golden brown and savory. We want to discover raw meat with a whole lot of potential all over the world and add more flavor but by preserving products’ original concept and features. Then if someone felt “Mmmmm I met a good meat.” that would be a great honor for us.

Sato Tajima – October 29, 2021