3 Reasons Why We Are Drinking Orange Juice

OK, I have included you and you too in the word “we.” At least 99.99% of the people that I know, they drink orange juice. I think they like it.

There are tons of articles that talk about “why we should be drinking orange juice” or “good things about orange juice.” Today, I am not just going to surf the Internet to do “copy and paste” operation to make another similar article.

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1. The Color ORANGE

it’s so orange.

Orange is an iconic color. Orange car stands out in the city regardless of your taste. If someone showed up in an orange suit to a funeral, I would look at him/her twice or more.

So, is orange unnatural? Is it artificial color? Maybe it is when it comes to industrial products or plastic pen etc. What about a fruit, orange?

I hope you are drinking 100% Orange juice and know how “orange” it is. Its color is totally natural. Nothing added. And it’s still edible! Oranges are producing and presenting this orange color perfectly naturally.

Pour a glass of orange juice. It’s already making your breakfast table Instagrammable.

Orange is a strong color but one of orange juice is natural. Oh I wish my everyday products were made of orange fruits because I do like the color but don’t like plastic!

2. High in Many Nutrients

Vitamin C, Folate, Pottasium, Magnesium…… squeezed oranges are full of essential nutritions for our everyday life. Maybe this is why orange juice tends to appear more frequently in breakfast scene?

Normally, it is not so easy to be very conscious about what kind of nutrition and how much of them you need to intake as you choose what you eat. My case, I just listen to my stomach each moment and grab what looks good (which often turn out to be yummy cookies and chips)

Meanwhile, only a serving of orange juice can supply a big part of the portion of the Reference Daily Intake. Plus, it tastes good! It is not a bitter green pepper or mysterious pills. It’s sweet, it’s refreshing, it’s better when served chilled!

Of course I didn’t forget about the amount of sugar and calories but don’t you think that it is pretty efficient and effective to intake the important nutrients in the possibly simplest way?

3. Look at the Waste

Don’t ever point an orange at people.

Oranges are 100% natural (unless you bought it at a toy store or something). Some people use the whole orange for their reasons. Some say that the fruit part is edible and the peels are garbage.

Either way, if you are ever splitting an orange in “food” and “garbage”, the truth is that they are both still 100% organic (I don’t talk about the wax here though).

Look at the orange peels you put away while you finish your orange. They don’t give you an impression of waste/trash, do they? I wouldn’t feel bad throwing the peel in my yard. They will go back to the nature eventually. It’s not like plastic.

Nowadays, we recycle many kinds of artificial materials that humans have invented for our convenience. How about organic garbage like orange peels? With this guiltless material, I believe that there are so much we can do.

They are orange, organic, refreshing, inevitable waste if we keep drinking orange juice. What we should be focusing when saying out loud “sustainable,” is to come up with ideas to recycle and reuse the waste from our consumption but try to fit everything in an organic (very natural) cycle.

Oranges are part of our circle of life. Drinking orange juice and thinking about its waste been reused is one of the actions we can prove this circle of life.

Sato Tajima – March 15, 2022